With Hurricane Henri fast approaching the lower Hudson Valley, I had a strong hunch that something spectacular was going to occur. Instead of the skies thickening up with more clouds, there was literally; ” the calm before the storm” with a substantial break in the cloud deck.

So, I packed up my gear and headed out to a go-to place near by; the Scenic Black Dirt Region. One of the farms there grows sunflowers, and that was my destination to shoot them with the setting sun as a dramatic background.

As I was shooting, I felt this otherworldly presence behind me looking down upon me, so I turn around and saw a rainbow just beginning to form. I found this odd as there were no rain clouds, nor the smell of rain in the air. But, there was a high altitude disturbance that was aiding the rainbow’s formation.

I headed into the sunflower patch, and waited for the rainbow begin to take a more fully formed shape. Once that was accomplished, I began firing away, using the sunflowers as foreground material, and came away with this wonderful capture (among others)!

Once the rainbow vanished, I once again turned my attention to the setting sun with a very dramatic skyscape, and was not disappointed with those set of photos either.

I love when my hunches are validated!

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