About Angelo Marcialis

Retired from a rewarding and award-winning career both as a Music Educator and an accomplished Jazz Musician, I have now turned my creative muse towards the realm of Landscape Photography.

Photography allows me the opportunity to visually document my passion for hiking, biking and living in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York.

Now that my second artistic endeavor is firmly established, my photographic proficiency has achieved the creative level that I enjoyed in my music career.

It is my artistic vision, first thru Music and now Photography, to bring and share light to the world that I live in. Regardless of the artistic endeavor, it is the creativity that keeps me vibrant, relevant and alive!

In just a few short years, my landscape photographs have been featured on various websites, social media platforms, magazines, travel guides, newspapers and newsletters. They have been used for raffle items at fundraising functions, and have been awarded in adjudicated exhibitions in the Tri-State Area as well.

Landscape Photography is my primary focus, but as I continue my photographic journey, I have found great joy in shooting during the dark hours of Nighttime (IE Astro Photography) and Architectural structures as well.

I look forward to sharing all of my Photography of the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York and beyond.

I appreciate your taking the time to look at my photographs, and hope that you enjoyed viewing them as much as I did in taking them.

Contact me with any questions that pertain to my captures, as well as if you are interested in purchasing a photograph directly at AMarcialisPhotography@gmail.com and 914-850-3055 or on my online shop, click here.

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