I am sure that you were wondering where I’ve been this year, but I was dealing with this minor issue of a Partial Knee Replacement.

Although I was still managing to get out and photograph on occasion, the pain was a major hindrance on where, and how many times I could go out; needless to say, my output plummeted.

No longer accepting the fact that I needed to accept chronic pain, I stopped seeing a local doctor (who was not offering me proper guidance), and began research on where to go and who was going to take care of me. Fortunately, I was referred by a former colleague to check into the Hospital for Special Surgery aka HSS to set up my relationship with them, and to eventually have my knee surgery performed there.

The surgery was performed on May 19th, and I was so glad that I did. My rehab is going great, and I can get around pain free!


Now that I have been cleared by my surgeon to be out and about photographing, I have started the process of reestablishing my relationship with my camera, by starting out with some low impact excursions.

The first one being the Greenwood Lake Fireworks display on July 4th, and a recent trip to the NJ Lottery Of Festival Ballooning, held on July 23rd.


I was selected to showcase my photography in the 99th Assembly District Art Showcase program.

This program was launched by Assemblyman Colin Schmitt to highlight talented artists in the district and add an important aspect of culture and community celebration to his office in Washingtonville, located at 6 Depot Street.

My ten captures will be on display from July 26 to September 2, 2021.

Feel free to check it out at your convenience. There will be a short press release in local newspapers, as well as on his various social media platforms.

My cancelled exhibition “Dulcet Vistas” that was originally scheduled back on March 31- April 28, 2020 and is now sponsored by the Garnet Health Medical Center in Middletown, NY is reschedule for September 7th, and will run until the end of the month.

Meet the Artist reception- September 9th (exact times have not been set as of yet), and will be held in the Garnet Gallery. More specifics will be shared as the event approaches.

I will have a small exhibit during the month of November, and it will be held at the Greenwood Lake Public Library.

Also, I am awaiting word to see if my entries will be accepted for the “8th Annual Highlands Juried Art Exhibit: Our Natural Heritage”:


Balloon Illusion

Up at 2AM, on the road by three! Met up at a friend’s house in NJ at 4 to participate in the 38th Annual New Jersey Lottery Festival Of Ballooning. This was the first interior shot I took, where you can let your imagination run wild in the most fun and abstract ways! I used my wide angle lens from the right side of the balloon opening to give an almost fish eye view of the inside of the balloon as it inflated.

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