Sorry about the delay, but I’ve been busy dealing with life issues, some good,some not so good.

To get the bad part(s) out of the way first:

I was all set on going to Vermont for my first time participation with the “Backcountry Journeys” company in early October.

Unfortunately, after picking up a friend (now ex-friend) from the train station who was not feeling well, and by having a prolonged exposure to her, I came down with covid, and then had a Paxlovid rebound.

I had no choice but to drop out. I could not with a good conscious go knowingly that I was sick and would be in close contact with the other participants.

A financial loss incurred, and I was upset both mentally and physically for a bit. But, not one to wallow in a cesspool of self-pity, I began making plans to photograph in my neck of the woods that included the Catskill Mountains, Hudson River and the Hudson Valley once I tested negative and felt strong enough to proceed.

If I wouldn’t have been able to shoot locally on top of cancelling out on Vermont, I’m sure that my mental outlook would have soured considerably!

Now that is out of the way, here is the good stuff:

Every season, I map out, then research areas that I want to go to, a lot of them new and some of them return visits.

The first trip was to a new destination I discovered when researching the Catskills the previous winter. It was the Tusten Stone Arch Bridge that I found out about at that time, and I could not wait to shoot it come the autumn months. It was a quintessential October day, the sky was a deep blue, and the foliage was popping, combined that with the historical bridge and ample water flow, and viola, beautiful photographs were made!

My second excursion was to the Ashokan Reservoir, located in Ulster County to photograph the Catskills at sunrise and the golden hour that follows.

However, there was no sunrise to speak of, and the foliage was not as spectacular as I was told it was. Oh well, I made the most out of the situation, and came away with a couple of keepers, including one that a resident Bald Eagle photo-bombed, unbeknownst to me at the time. I discovered it when I uploaded my images to my computer.

Now in a groove, I started working on those captures, and began to map out my next series of moves. Those included going to Palmer Hill Lookout in the Catskills, as well as the Pepacton Reservoir, and the Millbrook Covered Bridge.

A Teaser:

I will blog about them in my next post.

As always; I am honored to be able to offer my photography of the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York and beyond for all of your purchasing considerations.

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