As usually is the case, once I get into a gr00ve and my creative juices are overflowing, I am up and out before the sun rises just about every other day.

Next up in my autumn 2022 adventures were:

1. A twofer- Brady Farm in the AM, and the Kenoza Lake Stone Arch Historical Park in the PM- October 16

“Brady Mountain Sonoro”

When I posted sometime last week after a fairly long hiatus, I mentioned that I had to drop out from my photography trip to Vermont due to Covid, and a Covid Rebound.

Being ill physically and mentally (insert wise arse comment here) because of it, set me back creatively and I still feel like I am trying to catch up.

Not being one to wallow in a cesspool of self pity for too long a period, I have been out and about quite a bit these past few weeks, so much so, that I haven’t been able keep up with the sheer volume of captures I want to (and eventually will share). I do not like to over-saturate or overwhelm by posting 125 different versions of the same subject all at once, I prefer the less is more approach, or if you will; “A Death By A 1000 Cuts”! LOL

That said, I will be getting to them without a doubt!

This image of Brady Mountain is a first for me, and it is located overlooking Brady Farm in the town of Warwick, NY. It was referred to me by a customer that lives in that area,and after scouting it out a few times prior, I decided to be there for sunrise last Sunday. It was a cool morning, and I was hoping for mist in the farm meadow, as well as grazing cows that are raised there.

It was not to be, so I shot away just the same, keeping myself entertained as I waited on the sun to rise and to light up the mountain in the background.

The lack of moo-moos and mist made it more of a challenge to fill up the negative space between me and the Mountain of Brady, so I used the gate and fence to fill up the foreground, while the October foliage started to light up as Ole Sol began to do its thing!

About the title: Sonoro in music means; To play/sing with a full sound.

“Autumn Round At Kanoza Stone Arch”

Another wonderful new discovery for me while researching the Catskills last winter, was this beautiful stone arch. It is located at the Kanoza Stone Arch Historical Park, in the town of Kanoza, NY.(Yes, I know, that was pretty obvious 😉 )

I was looking forward to going there sometime in October, when I knew that the colors would be popping, needless to say, I was not disappointed.

I arrived there approximately one hour before the Golden Hour, so that I could walk around and compose different compositions in my head as I waited on the sun to slowly set towards the horizon. The low angle of the sun illuminated the foliage behind the archway, and this turn gave the bridge an almost 3D quality to it.

The workmanship in the stone work is very impressive, and the reflections served as a portal to the background as it brings your eyes into the photo and directly towards the East Branch of the Callicoon Creek that the stone arch spans.

This bridge is 98 feet long and was built sometime around 1880 (some sources say 1873) by Swiss immigrants Henry and Philip Hembt. It features three stone arches that carry this wide bridge over the creek below.

This is an incredibly peaceful and beautiful spot to visit in the Catskills. While the bridge is closed to traffic, visitors can still walk over this grass-covered bridge and admire the incredible craftsmanship that went into its construction.

2. Monksville Reservoir– October 21

“Tone Row Of Misty Sticks”
A favorite jaunt for photographers in the Tri-State area is the Monksville Reservoir, located in Ringwood, NJ.
I have been here on three prior occasions, and felt quite satisfied with my captures the last time I visited three years ago.
That said, I chose to come back to try to capture different perspectives. I was confident that the weather conditions were conducive enough to produce wonderful mist/ fog, and as you can see, I was correct in my well researched assumption.
Due to the drought, the water level was as low as I had ever seen it, and more trees had fallen by the wayside, making captures more challenging (but, who doesn’t like a challenge?)
This photo was actually the first one I shot, and it was photographed during the Blue Hour that occurs before sunrise.
This place always offers such ethereal and eerie images, due to the ghostly shapes and appearances of the “sticks” and the misty water, which when calm, produces beautiful reflections.
After processing it in color, I knew straight up that it needed to be converted to black and white. By doing so, brought out the contrasts more and made the composition that much more dramatic!
About the title: Musically speaking, a tone row is a composition where all twelve notes of the chromatic scale are used first before they are utilized in repetition later in the piece.
The uniqueness of each and every “stick” reminded me of such a musical technique.

3. Harriman State Park– October 22

“Melodic Abstract For Lily Pads And Trees”

I have mentioned before that I rarely will revisit an area to photograph it again, unless I was not satisfied with the results from prior visits.

That was not the case for this photo as I deliberately set sail for a couple of familiar landscapes this autumn that I simply wanted to recapture again. It also served as a nice counterpoint to all the new destinations I have been documenting since my knee surgery last year.

This natural abstract is located in Harriman State Park, where Lake Kanawauke borders Little Long Pond, separated only by Kanawauke Road.

The lily pads congregate in such a dense manner that they appear to be floating in liquid space as the inverted reflections of the multi-colored trees on the far bank gives the viewer a 3D sense of depth.

It truly is a mind-bending visual delight, and it only occurs during autumn, when the trees are dressed in their October splendor, and the lily pads are at their most abundant numbers.

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