After having to cancel my trip to the Catskills in January, I decided to take advantage of a late season snow storm in March to reschedule my excursion. I am so glad that I did.

I briefly stayed for three days/two nights to photograph the area around Tannersville, where I was staying.

My first stop was at Colgate Lake, but unfortunately the sky filled up with clouds which in turn lead to poor light and a boring a photo op, quite frankly. So, I decided to turn my attention to my second stop seen here.

As I was heading off to Schoharie Creek and Hunter Mountain, the sun began to slowly peak out, and gave me some encouragement that I was not going to strike out twice. As I was halfway there, it made no sense to get greedy and turn back to Colgate Lake, and risk the chance that I was being teased by Mother Nature, and miss the chance to at least capture something at destination two.

As I approached CR 214 (where this was shot from), the sky continued to clear thus allowing the setting sun to work its magic during the blue hour. On a previous scouting mission, I came across this composition of Schoharie Creek flowing below Hunter Mountain, which is a very popular skiing destination in Greene County, NY.

Everything came together composition wise for me, and I am haPPy to share that I came away with not only this image, but a few others that will be offered soon.

“Rhythm And Blues”

Up at five in the morning after only a few hours sleep, (occupants in the hotel room next to me were loud and inconsiderate) I cautiously drove to this bucolic country landscape that I came across on a prior visit ( I took notes) that I knew if the conditions were right, would offer a beautiful photograph!

There was still plenty of snow cover on the Catskill Mountains and on the farmland below my feet to greet me as I joyously set my gear and began composing various images. It was so quiet and peaceful as only one school bus passed by, as well as some of the local working community began to wake up and head off to work.

I have always mentioned that it is so spiritual to out and about when the Earth is at its most quiet phase, and the sun has yet to rise leaving one at peace. It is worth the “sacrifice” to get up early for such an awakening moment.

This area is located in the town of East Jewett, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, and I can’t wait to return in the fall season when the mountains, instead of being covered in snow, will be adorned in the multitude of colors found only in late September/early October.

“Mountain Morning Music”


Location number four of my recent trip to the Catskills was; Black Dome Valley.

An inside tip was to access the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) property, where there was an unmarked footpath that lead to an open vista of the Black Dome Valley. I carefully followed the instructions to an opening, but for whatever reason , I did not find what I was told would be waiting for me.

So, I brushed off this minor setback, and reversed course back up the trail to the road where I was parked, and headed up it to a much larger clearing where the valley and mountains were waiting for me!

This photo is the first perspective I came home with. I chose this solo tree as the anchor point in the foreground with the Catskill Mountains looming in the background. The wispy dusk clouds and frozen pound complete the story.

“Black Dome Valley Soloist”


I’ve been wanting to photograph the majestic and magnificent Kaaterskill Falls at dawn for years!

As I don’t live around the corner from it, getting there in a timely fashion was always problematic, unless I lodged at a local establishment. Well, it has come to pass that I finally did just that!

I shot this on my last morning of my recent stay in the Catskills.

Being there before the sun was getting ready to get out of bed was and will always be; a spiritual and magical experience.

The light at dawn is so quiet and beautiful, enveloping one with a sense of peace. Being alone during the Magic Hour of Blue and Gold bearing witness to this beautiful waterfall is a memory I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

It was the iconic Kaaterskill Falls and I; alone together when I arrived, and when I departed…


“Kaaterskill Overture”



Since Fine Art America does not offer the option to photographers to sign their prints, and after receiving numerous requests for an autograph print that was purchased via Fine Art America, I have decided to offer my photographs in the following two scenarios:

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