An early morning jaunt to a local lake (Wickham Lake) in Warwick, NY rewarded me with some early fall color and a carpet of mist. As we approach autumn here in the Hudson Valley, the leaves are just beginning to change over and the temperatures are beginning to fall; the combination of warm water and cool air translates to beautiful pictures (mist). In autumn, the light is soft and the shadows long, calling all photographers to be out and about to document it all!

“Misty Blue Morning”

I was drawn in by the juxtaposition of color; the melon and peach dawn sky played joyously with the deep blue color of Wickham Lake; while the trees, water grasses and lily pads with their reflections added a great deal of compositional elements to the overall composition. The mist in the background gave the entire photograph an ethereal vibe.

“Autumn Prelude”

I used the tree canopy as a perfect framing tool to accentuate the wonderful mist, and the pastel color in the sky and trees to produce a wonderful first capture of Autumn, 2021. The bench seen here normally does not sit in water, but due to the copious amounts of rain recently, the entire picnic area was partially submerged in water. It does add an added element of interest to this capture.

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