Looking for new locations in Harriman State Park, NY, I remember passing this pond at least a thousand times, without giving it a second look; that is until this year. I was ready to shot during the Blue Hour, which its light offered a nice color contrast to the bright autumn foliage that stood upon the small cliffs.

Lily pads and reflections only added to this early morning October capture.

“Blue Hour Beginnings”

After the blur hour capture, I headed over to photograph Lake Welch for the very first time to photograph.

This lake has a very popular beach, and it is always packed during the weekends in the summer months. It is also a lake that I used to go to quite often in the days of my youth, as it is only a short drive from the home I grew up in.

I arrived just as the sun had risen above the ridge (behind me), and the light only found during the October Golden Hour lit up the vibrant foliage by the rocky shore. Using a 6-stop Neutral Density filter allowed me to shoot a long exposure, which caused the abstract swirls in the water (caused by the current), and gave me the right exposure to properly saturate the vibrant colors of autumn.

“Contrast Of Textures”

Wanting to revisit this location during the month of October, I trek over after shooting various locations in and around Lake Welch; these two areas are both located in Harriman State Park, which is the second largest in New York State.

The sun was still fairly low in the early morning October sky, that, and using my 6-stop neutral density filter allowed me to shoot a long exposure to blur the rapidly moving water and to give proper saturation to the vibrant foliage that surrounded it. I feel that this photo captures the glorious landscape found in Harriman during the autumn months.


“October Rapids”


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