My original intent was to photograph “Split Rock Falls” (which I had done before a few years ago), but being alone this time, rehabbing a new knee and carrying a full load of photography equipment on my back, I did not attempt getting down to the area in front of the falls without risking serious injury and without anyone around to help me (no cell phone service either).

So, thinking on my feet, I explored the area above the falls (seen here in the lower left corner), and composed this vertical composition of the pedestrian footbridge (which is part of the Minnewaska Foot Trail), the Coxing Kill, and the beautiful autumn scenery that envelop the entire photograph. Long story short, it was still worth my time going there.

This area is part of the Mohonk Preserve in the Hudson Valley.


After shooting at the Mohonk Preserve, I proceeded to head up to Minnewaska State Park ( @ a 7 minute drive) so that I could be waiting at the gate for the 9AM opening.

It was a classic mid-October morning with a gorgeous sky, soft filtered light, foliage near peak, hardly a breeze and very few people in the park. Needless to say, it was a Photographer’s Nirvana.

One of my first captures along the Red Carriage Trail was this secluded overlook of Lake Minnewaska, where I used the fur trees as a canopy where one can peer out at the wonderful autumn landscape.



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