I made contact with the owners of this farm; Wright Family Farm to seek permission to photograph at dawn their pumpkin patch. I shot here once before, @ five years ago, when they used to have two large fields of pumpkins laid out all over them.

I was surprised that was not the case this time around. Instead, they had a humongous corn maze located there, but there where pumpkins still to be had in a more natural setting.

With this image, I did stage this shot somewhat by adding the two larger gourds in front of the other ones that were already there to fill out the foreground. A subtle, but pretty sunrise added a nice compositional element to the background.

I did not have to stage this shot, as these pumpkins lined up perfectly in front of the trio of silos and the adjoining barn behind them.


It’s amazing that in a blink of an eye, one goes from sunflowers to pumpkins!

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