September Image Of The Month

“Rainbows And Sunflowers”

With Hurricane Henri fast approaching the lower Hudson Valley, I had a strong hunch that something spectacular was going to occur. Instead of the skies thickening up with more clouds, there was literally; ” the calm before the storm” with a substantial break in the cloud deck.

So, I packed up my gear and headed out to a go-to place near by; the Scenic Black Dirt Region. One of the farms there grows sunflowers, and that was my destination to shoot them with the setting sun as a dramatic background.

As I was shooting, I felt this otherworldly presence behind me looking down upon me, so I turn around and saw a rainbow just beginning to form. I found this odd as there were no rain clouds, nor the smell of rain in the air. But, there was a high altitude disturbance that was aiding the rainbow’s formation.

I headed into the sunflower patch, and waited for the rainbow begin to take a more fully formed shape. Once that was accomplished, I began firing away, using the sunflowers as foreground material, and came away with this wonderful capture (among others)!

Once the rainbow vanished, I once again turned my attention to the setting sun with a very dramatic skyscape, and was not disappointed with those set of photos either.

I love when my hunches pay off !


Feeling re-energized by my new knee has motivated me to be out and about not worrying about pain, and this in turn has inspired a major creativity spurt.

Since my knee replacement was performed back in May, I have been out shooting fireworks, balloon festivals, waterfalls, air shows (my first attempt), sunflowers, and capturing images from the Scenic Black Dirt Region; which is right around the corner from me. After some initial contact, I was granted permission to shoot on private grounds as well!

Here’s a small sample size.


Exhibit Updates

My exhibition that was scheduled for this month has once again, fallen victim to Covid; this time to the Delta Variant.
There has been an alarming increase in the amount of cases being seen at the Garnet Medical Center, and the administration thought it best to shut down any extra activities until the latest surge subsides. I will keep you all posted as to when it has been rescheduled for the second time.

In the mean time, I am awaiting word to find out if my submissions to the NJ Highlands Coalitions and the PHOTOcentric exhibitions have been accepted.

And finally, my small exhibit set for November at the Greenwood Lake Library is still a go!

Be Well~Stay Well,


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