Another one of my objectives this winter, was to spend as much time in the Catskill Mountains.

After exhaustive research and many requests for references, I took my second photographic excursion over the weekend to put both of those items into action.

I spent most of the day taking dry runs to the particular areas that I wanted to photograph later during the Golden Hour, Sunset, and the Blue Hour.

In my zest to get there (which is any where from a 80-100 mile drive from my home), I definitely arrived with more than enough time to scout out those areas as well as a hundred other places. Needless to say, I had too much time on my hands.

So, after the scouting missions were completed, I stopped by a highly rated tavern in Tannersville for a wonderful late lunch, early dinner, took a well deserved nap in my vehicle, and then headed out to begin finally photographing.

I drove by this location, (which is the cemetery for the “All Souls Church” , located behind me from this vantage point) returning from Colgate Lake (on my bucket list down the road). If I have a choice, I believe this is where I want to be buried 😉

After securing a safe place to park, I set up my gear, and used the open gate as my leading line towards the twin peaks of Kaaterskill High Peak and Roundtop Mountain in the background.
Both of these mountains are on the “to-do” list for the local hiking population.

The light during the golden hour was beautiful, kissing the clouds a soft golden glow, while the freshly fallen snow from the night before grace the mountain peaks and the grounds of the cemetery below my feet. All was left, was to be respectful and properly capture this moment. I do believe that I succeeded!


Since Fine Art America does not offer the option to photographers to sign their prints, and after receiving numerous requests for an autograph print that was purchased via Fine Art America, I have decided to offer my photographs in the following two scenarios:

You will NOW have the CHOICE of selecting my prints with a White Canvas Border, Title, “Electronic Signature” and Year that the photo was taken, OR you may continue to buy my photographs as they have always been available prior in all of my other galleries.

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I am honored to be able to offer my photography of the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York and beyond for all of your purchasing considerations. All of my photographs are available as prints, wall art, home decor, apparel, weekend bags and so much more!

Feel free to contact me with any questions that pertain to my captures.

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