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The Double Rainbow And I: The Story Behind The Images

About a month or so ago before this capture (give or take a 1000 days), I was lamenting about how I was undecided between beer and pizza and going out to shoot.

I was witnessing what was shaping up to be perfect weather conditions for rainbow formation, but I opted for the former and lost out!

This time around, there was no beer & pizza and the decision was easy. In the car I went with equipment in tow and headed off to a local orchard where I was rewarded with this spectacular sight; a perfect rainbow ( and a double one at that)!

Roe's Rainbow: copyright Angelo Marcialis
Image 2: Skyward Modulations:

As that magnificent double bow began to fade away, I ventured about the grounds of Roe’s Orchards to incorporate the various fruit trees and vegetables as they quietly rested under the turbulent sky.

In this capture, I used the apple trees located in the upper fields as foreground material for the rapidly changing cloud formations above.
This modular transition eventually became a spectacular Mammatus Cloud visual presentation.

Skyward Modulations: copyright Angelo Marcialis
Image 3: Corn Field Vortex

After photographing the magnificent Rainbow, and various scenes in the upper groves of Roe’s Orchards, I captured different scenarios as I worked my way back down to my car; this being one of them.

The bow had vanished completely at this point, but then the Mammatus Clouds took control of the sky and were the dominant feature of this and a few other images that I have yet to process.

I incorporated the corn field as foreground material while the sky was swirling about! I felt like I was in the Mid-West as I was shooting!

Corn Field Vortex: copyright Angelo Marcialis
Image 4: Drama Of Serenity

This late day photo session was one of those that kept on giving as the minutes/hours passed!

First I captured a magnificent double rainbow, followed by a dramatically and rapidly changing sky that eventually transformed into an intense Mammatus cloud formation, and then to finally finish up with this gorgeous dusk sky…

All of this activity occurred at Roe’s Orchards in Blooming Grove, NY.

Drama Of Serenity: copyright Angelo Marcialis
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