The Warwick Valley Telephone Company aka WVT sponsors a competition each year that alternates between photography and painting.The 2020 directory cover photo competition this year highlighted photography.

The last time I entered was back in 2016 when I was just getting into my second full year of shooting in retirement. For a variety of reasons, email notifications would be sent only a few days before the deadline, or the message was directed into the Junk Folder. That later was the case for 2020.

I seldom go through every email in that folder as there are too many to review. Fortunately, for whatever reason, I decided to go over them on that particular day it was in there.

What also worked in my favor this year, was that I had this image already printed and framed because it was displayed in an exhibition a few months prior…They say things happen for a reason. Who am I to debate that logic, I am just so glad that I did!

The biggest and most gratifying aspect of this award was the validation to the progress of my photography over the past few years

My photograph, “Farm Portraits” will be on display for the entire month of Februray in the WVT Office, and will grace the 2020 Directory Cover that will be sent out to all their customers in that region of the Hudson Valley!

Talk about great publicity!!!

This image, and all of my photographs are available for purchase in a variety of home decor and gift items. Please click here to be redirected to my storefront,
and/or my Fine Art America website directly:

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